All-Inclusive Services for Mid and Startup Business Customers

Our services are so comprehensive they make us a one stop shop for all your technical marketing, consulting, event planning needs. 


Branding is the identity of an entity/person. This is the starting process of clearly stating WHO you are and WHAT you represent and OFFER.

Website Development

A website is the ideal digital home according to Friendad because it is the only place you can fully control. It is also a professional and mostly formal place clients go to feel safe and legitimatise your business.

Technical Marketing

Technical marketing is a subject most companies don't want to address because most advertising or marketing companies make it so expensive and complicated. At Friendad model and process has been simplified.

Social Media Marketing

In this age 80%+ of the worlds population spends their time and days on social media. It's the best place to start to build awareness and traffic for your entity.

Content Creation

Our content creation model keeps customers engaged and eager to hearfrom their service providers.

Event Planning

Events have become a big part of the growth of any business especially when it comes to communicating with clients and unveiling new products to them.


With an international team with experience dealing with different problems both in the area of IT and Event planning, we are ready to provide solutions to your problem.

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