Branding In Marketing

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Branding is the identity of an entity/person.

Many words can describe it but the best word,
that equates to identity is Image.

A Brand is an entity’s image/ identity.

This is the starting process of clearly stating WHO you are and WHAT you represent and OFFER.

It is achieved through setting:
A Name: This can be short or long but should be catchy in most cases. The goal of the name is to give peculiarity.

A Logo: This is like a name but visual, most people may not remember the name but will remember the creativity of a logo.

An example of great types of brands are:
marlon brando
lucky brand
mini brands
russell brand
car brands
dio brando

Examples of famous brands:

After you have checked most of these brands and seen their logos, you need to settle for a simplistic type of logo.
Simplicity goes a long way.

Lastly would be a Tagline:
This is a short phrase of your end goal.

To learn more contact us, we will give you more details on how to start.

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