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Professional Technical Marketing ,Consultancy and Event Planning for individuals and small businesses internationally.

Business Visibility

Keeping your business visible and in constant engagement that increases the chance of conversion and later higher sales, is our goal. This all starts with quality communication, clarity in delivery and good maintenance.

All Round Support

Finding a company that is a one stop shop for all your technical and event planning needs is not an easy task. Hence, why Friendad has developed a model of all support that ensures you get what you have paid for with full understanding and less complications.

Quality Services Offered by qualified Personnel with 4+ years international Experience.

Our services come from a model that has been carefully thought of, with our clients needs in mind, working towards increasing visibility of services, products or events offered.

Highly Educated Team Providing Solutions At Affordable Rates

Our Team is friendly, kind, accommodating but highly professional, experienced and will provide solutions that will benefit your company. 

What Makes Us Different

Creative and Efficient

Friendad is very creative in execution, giving a breath of new air each time we are contacted to work.

Experienced Professionals

Our professionals have gone so deep in what they do they have reached as far as robotics.

Advanced Solutions

Problem solving is a very serious aspect in the company, because we love to see our clients progress.

Affordable Prices

As a company we set prices that help your company move closer to breaking even. 

One Stop Shop & Reliable

Our services aim on targeting the marketing market in full, be it event planning or Technical Marketing.

Deliveries On Time

Our developers, consultants, event planners are very keen on delivering on time.

Our Clients Say

90 Days Warranty on All Services

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is well known that not all projects are the same and clients will have expectations. As Friendad, We pride ourselves on listening like a friend but we always execute as experts, exercising professionalism in every solution we offer.

Are you Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Schedule an Online Appointment from the comfort Of Your Home or Business Office and We’ll Help You With All of Your Marketing Needs, as You Remain Safe from Omicron (Covid-19).